Rack N Roll SPORTS Carrier


Rack N Roll Sport Bike Carrier


Engineering on Point here !

6mm Connection Plates, M12 8.8 bolts in double shear, 10mm Plate welded inside the Main Bar into the receiver.

This Carrier needs to be used on vehicles with 300kg-350kg Tow Ball Capacity so Full Size 4WD’s, Dual Cab utes etc.

There is a lot in this carrier, hence the cost but it is a high quality product designed especially for Sport bikes.

One man loading and unloading in 3 minutes with no fear of you ending up on a YouTube Motorcycle Loading Fails video !

Some pictures here show our 3 bar set up, we have a universal kit coming out soon.

Rated for bikes up to 300kg.

Weighs 32kg.


LED Kit, Snap Hooks, Turnbuckles, Shackles, Red Straps to secure bike, Anti Tilt Bracket, Shim Plates to eliminate movement in the receiver.


Loading Ramp as you may have one already.

    You may already have a ramp to use.

    90% of vehicles are standard length.

    Tray back utes, SUV's with spare tyre on rear door.

    See fitment advice at bottom of page.

    Gives more ground clearance for low vehicles.

    "Bolt on Receivers" mount to the outer edges of your tow bar allowing three bars out to bike carrier.

    Only avail on vehicles with exposed tow bars.

    Supplied Hitch Lock fits 90% of vehicles.

    • 0 $

    Applies to Ford Ranger Factory tow bar only.




If you’d like more information after you’ve checked out the drawings below please phone or email.


90% of vehicles are STANDARD LENGTH Main Bar.

Dual Cab Utes with a tub, style side and 4WD Wagons with NO spare tyre on rear door are STANDARD LENGTH.

Dual Cab Ute Tub

Tray Back Utes, Wagons with a spare tyre on the rear door, 4×4’s with swing away spare tyres, jerry can holders will need a longer main bar.

On the standard length main bar your bikes inside foot peg is 230mm from the center of the hitch pin hole.

SUV Wagons want 50-100mm between the foot peg and the spare tyre.

Open Tray back Utes want 50-100mm between the foot peg and end of tray.

SUV Wagon with Spare Tyre on Rear Door

Tray back Ute

Tray back Ute with Canopy


For 90% of people with 4×4’s the standard height works fine, fire trails, easy access 4WD into camp sites.

If you want to do the Desert, Cape, High Country or any other serious 4×4 then clearance is king.

Also stronger as it’s braced with 4mm Bluescope plate each side of joints.

Lifts are measured center to center.