RACK N ROLL Helping to Keep it Pinned worldwide !

RACK N ROLL is an Australian made product designed to be the best way to transport your bike on a high quality, functional platform.

We’ve got thousands of carriers out being used in Australia and now the USA.

Simpson Desert, Cape York, High Country, Pilbara, Finke, our carriers have done it all !

We use high quality materials and over engineer.

Everything is designed with a 20 year structural lifespan in mind.


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Rack N Roll MX + MTB


MX and MTB here.

Bolts together so can be separated in two minutes.

Can use as a single MX straight up or can also provide extra main bar so MTB can be a single also.

This set up can be done to any of our other racks also.

$590 is the MX Carrier then your choice of our MTB racks which adds either $595 or $695 to cost.

Extra main bar for MTB to use as a single $66.

Rack N Roll DRAWBAR Kit


Want to carry a bike on your Caravan, Camper, Trailer drawbar ?

This kit makes it easy.

Kit Includes:

Bike Channel

4 x 10mm Mount Plates

8 x M12 8.8 Bolts to assemble

MX Parts as per the MX Carrier :

Nose Cone

Rear Wedge Ass.

2 x Turnbuckles, Snap Hooks, Shackles, Eye Nuts

You need to be able to fix an Eye Nut somewhere both sides of the bike or we can make up something to suit, usually adds $150 for one side.

Rack N Roll Channel eBike Carrier


Rack N Roll eBike Carrier

This is really made for 60kg bikes like Stealth Bombers, UBCO, Sur-Ron etc.

Or you might just have a $10k MTB bike and want it to be there when you arrive !

SINGLE Bike $695 or DOUBLE Bikes $995

Can handle 100kg as a single or 150kg as a double.

5mm Aluminum bike channels same material as our Alloy MX Carrier.

Double Tie Down Points so you can run 2 straps each side of each bike.

Bike Channels are 80mm internal.

As a Double weighs 26kg so there’s a bit of beef in it but that’s what you get with 150kg rating.

LED Kit Included also has a number plate light.




Rack N Roll ADVENTURE Carrier


Rack N Roll Adventure Bike Carrier

Engineering on Point, this is our strongest rack yet !

5mm A5005 Outer Channel – Black

Ullrich 6061 T6 Structural RHS – Orange

Orrcon Australian Tube Mills Main Bar with 10mm MS350 Bluescope Plate welded inside.

Bluescope 6mm MS350 Plates connect Bike Channel to Orrcon Main Bar with Hobson Engineering M12 8.8 bolts in double shear.

This rack can carry two ADV bikes if you can get them one on top of the other !

This Carrier is for vehicles with 300kg-350kg Tow Ball Capacity so Full Size 4WD’s, Dual Cab’s etc.

There is a lot in this carrier, hence the cost but this is a high quality product designed especially for ADV bikes.

Will also take MX / Enduro bikes and some street bikes with up to 170 rear tyres depending on ground clearance as to the loading ramp you will need.

$1295 Includes LED kit, Snap Hooks, Turnbuckles, Shackles but DOES NOT include loading ramp as you may have one already.

Rack N Roll ALUMINIUM MX Carrier


5 Year Structural Warranty and Designed for serious off road use.

Aluminium version of our MX Carrier, lighter and more versatile.

20.8kg minus the loading ramp or 26kg incl ramp.

Standard all steel version is 32kg incl loading ramp.

Only the Bike Channel is aluminium, all other parts are the same as the standard MX Carrier.

For bikes up to 150kg.

Carrier is supplied with everything needed to use it: Snap Hooks, Turnbuckles, Shackles, Loading Ramp, Anti Tilt Bracket with Packer Plates for snug receiver fit, Strap to stop turnbuckles vibrating loose.

Price includes LED light kit with number plate light plus a place to bolt an accessory plate where it shines, 7 flat plug.

Rack N Roll MTB / E-Bike Carrier


Rack N Roll MTB / E-bike Carrier

All Aluminium Construction

Can handle 30kg bikes no problem, can be beefed up further if required.

Available as a Single $595 or Double $795

Double weighs 15kg so very easy to get on and off your vehicle

Bikes pictured have 3″ Tyres

Standard tyre trays are 80mm internal for up to 3″ tyres

Tyre trays that are 110 internal for 4″ tyres are available on request

Tyre tray V shape narrows down to 10mm in the base to also hold Road Bikes

Tyre trays can be adjusted for various bike lengths

LED kit included also includes Number Plate light

Australian Made 250kg rated Straps ADD $27.50 for a Single or $55 for the Double if required