Rack N Roll Product Warranty Details

We offer a 5 year structural warranty on all our Rack N Roll tow bar mounted motorcycle carriers.

In 10 years and thousands of carriers this has been a non issue, all parts are made from quality materials with quality processes.

Our welding is first rate using industrial machines.

Paint finish is warranted for 12 months, it is done to a high quality standard with the processes below.

Steel: All steel parts are sandblasted, primed and powder coated.

Aluminium: All aluminium parts are acid etched, chromated and powder coated.

We have no issues with paint, it stays on.

Stone chips, dragging over rocks, paint wear in the receiver, storing on the ground in mud all falls under normal wear and tear.

LED kits 12 months though we very rarely have problems with them.

HARDWARE to secure bike, we offer no warranty on this, we do not manufacture it, in 10 years we’ve had very few failures as it is good quality.

Even though we’ve had very few failures on hardware (single figures), we always stress to run a Safety Line, Secondary Tie Down from the inside of your bike to the secondary eye nut on the carrier or your vehicles tow hitch shackle points. In the rare event of hardware or foot peg failure your bike will not fall off with a Safety Line / Strap attached.

We accept no responsibility if your bike is not secured properly and falls off the carrier.

We stand by our products, word of mouth referrals are very important to us, if you have any issues please contact us, happy to resolve.