Rack N Roll SCOOTER and Small Road


100% Australian Made Product !

The pictures with the bikes are of the earlier version.

This carrier is designed to carry SCOOTER / MOPED / SPORT BIKES 250-400cc / NAKED’s / Retro Bikes.

Up to 180kg as standard, can be beefed up if needed.

Made especially for low clearance bikes, LED bracket on loading end swivels down for loading/unloading.

Bike Channel and Loading Ramp are smooth one piece sections so very easy to load your bike unlike the ladder type designs that small wheels don’t like.

Has adjustable Orange tyre slides that lock onto your front tyre holding bike upright while you strap it.

Tie down bars front, center and rear gives three tie down points each side of the bike so will be super secure.

90% Aluminium construction except Main bar to tow bar and Tie Down bars.

Main bar into tow bar is 50 x 5 Bluescope SHS with 6mm MS350 connection plates welded in spray transfer with M12 8.8 Hobson Engineering bolts in double shear.

Hobson Engineering 8.8 bolts used to assemble.

Optional Alloy loading ramp with sides stores inside carrier.

This carrier is super strong but still light enough to easily handle for fitting to your vehicle.

See FITMENT information below.

    You may already have a ramp to use.

    LED kit included is 12 volt ONLY.

    More ground clearance for low motorhomes

    Supplied Hitch Lock fits 95% of vehicles.

    • 0 $

    Applies to Ford Ranger Factory tow bar only.




Motorhomes generally have a vertical rear wall.

To get the clearance right we need the distance from the back wall to the center of the hitch pin hole.

Motorhome Diagram

Give me a call or email if you’d like to discuss etc.


High Lift bars are for Motorhomes with a lot of overhang to avoid dragging out of driveways etc.

If the bottom of your receiver tube is only 300-350 off the ground you will need a High Lift.

Most find a 100 lift gives enough clearance and is still easy to load the bike.