Rack N Roll MX + MTB


MX and MTB here.

Bolts together so can be separated in two minutes.

Can use as a single MX straight up or can also provide extra main bar so MTB can be a single also.

This set up can be done to any of our other racks also.

$650 is the MX Carrier then your choice of our MTB racks which adds either $595 or $695 to cost.

Extra main bar for MTB to use as a single $66.

    • 595 $

    Tray Back Utes and Wagons with spare tyre on the rear door.

    See Fitment Advice bottom of page.

    Gives more ground clearance but makes bike harder to load. Most standard height 4WD's are fine for ground clearance.

    Standard straight bar is not supplied.

    Standard 1250 Steel ramp is easy to load on a standard height 4WD, ie 450-500 off the ground.

    Extra Eye Nuts are for big trips, you can run a strap off the frame also.

    95% of vehicles are standard Hitch Lock incl. $0.00

    Standard Hitch Pin hole is 70mm fits every vehicle except Rangers

    Ford Ranger is 55mm 

    This is a basic site, happy to quote just email suburb, postcode.