RACK N ROLL MX Motorcycle Carrier


5 Year Structural Warranty and Designed for serious off road use.

Our MX Carrier is specifically designed for MX and Enduro bikes with a 21” front.

There is no better way to transport your bike.

Once you pull a bike down 35mm by the pegs / frame you’ll never use tie downs again.

Bike is super secure and it doesn’t compress your forks, will not even hold a fork saver in place.

Dropping your front wheel in a hole and yanking your bike down with tie downs is cave man stuff.

Carrier is supplied with everything needed to use it, Snap Hooks, Turnbuckles, Shackles, Loading Ramp, Anti Tilt Bracket.

Optional LED light kit includes a number plate light plus a place to bolt an accessory plate where it shines.


    Tray Back Utes and Wagons with a spare tyre on the rear door will need a longer main bar.

    See fitment advice at bottom of page.

    LED kit $88 is 12 volt ONLY. 24 volt options available. Both options include number plate light and plug.

    Gives more ground clearance but makes bike harder to load. Most standard height 4WD's are fine for ground clearance.

    Standard 1250 Steel ramp is included, measure out 1250 from top of your towbar to check loading angle.

    Only avail on vehicles with exposed tow bars, see description at bottom of page.

    Extra Eye Nuts are for big trips, you can run a strap off the frame also.

    This is a basic site, happy to quote just email suburb, post code.



Here are the specs on our 100% Australian Made Motorcycle Carrier:

Bike Channel (Orange or Black) is made from 3mm BlueScope Galvabond steel plate, Precision Laser cut then CNC Press Brake folded.

The main support bar is 50 x  5mm Orrcon Australian Tube Mills SHS with 4mm Bluescope Steel Precision Laser cut plates; 415v Gas Metal Arc Welded.

Hobson Engineering bolts used throughout.

The 50 x 5mm Main Support Bar slides into any 2″ or 50mm Hayman Reese style receiver, 150kg minimum tow ball capacity required.



LED Tail light kits available, Optional $88 includes number plate light, plug.



Feel free to call to discuss any fitment issues or carrier options.


On ordering there is a “NOTES” section as you go through to check out, let me know the vehicle and bike, if I think there’s any issues I’ll contact you.

Otherwise call to discuss Leeroy 0402 669686.


For 95% of vehicles the standard length main bar is fine.

Dual cab Utes with tubs/stylesides even with canopies are standard fit.

4WD Wagons with no spare tyre on the rear door are standard fit.

Tray back utes, wagons with a spare tyre on the rear door, 4×4’s with swing away spare tyres, jerry can holders will need a longer main bar.

Tray back Utes with Canopies, call to discuss.

In stock longer bar options are 50, 100, 150, 200 longer, custom lengths available also.


On the standard length main bar your bikes inside foot peg is 230mm from the center of your hitch pin hole.

Run a straight edge down from the outside of your Tray, Spare Tyre etc and measure into the center pin hole.

Say it’s 300mm, take off 230 = 70 so you’ll need a 100 longer bar to give you 30mm clearance. Go the 150 longer as it has a pin hole at 100 also.

Any questions on fitment or anything about the product give me a call.


If you run a tape out 1250, 1500, 1800 from the top of your tow bar receiver to the ground you’ll see the loading angle.

1250 Ramp – On a standard height 4WD (receiver is 425-475 off the ground) your bike is easy to load.

1500 Ramp – If you have a 2″ lift or your receiver is 500-550 off the ground you’ll need this.

1800 Ramp – Higher lifts and bigger tyres will need this.


For 90% of people with 4×4’s the standard height works fine, fire trails, easy access 4WDing into camp sites etc no problem.

If you want to do the Desert, Cape, High Country or any other serious 4x4ing then obviously clearance is king.

It’s also stronger as it’s braced with 4mm Bluescope plate each side of joints (see High Lift Bar product for pics).

150 is 150 clear lift so the vertical tube is 200 long being as its 50mm section.


For 95% of people the single bar set is perfectly fine, we’ve sold over 2000 of them with zero issues, works great, still warranted for off road use.

However if you want to do serious off road adventures “The Desert, The Cape, The High Country” then this is for you.

You can still do any of these adventures with a single bar set up, three is just better for serious off road use.

In hardcore 4×4 situations when the vehicle is rocking violently the three bar set up is rock solid.

Check Three Bar/Bolt on Receiver section in Products for pics.