Rack N Roll Channel eBike Carrier


Rack N Roll eBike Carrier

This is really made for 60kg bikes like Stealth Bombers, UBCO, Sur-Ron etc.

Or you might just have a $10k MTB bike and want it to be there when you arrive !

SINGLE Bike $895 or DOUBLE Bikes $1195

Can handle 100kg as a single or 150kg as a double.

5mm thick Aluminum bike channel, same material as our Alloy MX Carrier.

Double Tie Down Points so you can run 2 straps each side of each bike.

Bike Channel is:

80mm internal width so check your tyre size.

We have bike channels that are 125mm internal width for 4″, 5″ tyres also.

1700mm long plus nose cone adds 70mm.

As a Double weighs 26kg so there’s a bit of beef in it but that’s what you get with 150kg rating.

LED Kit Included also has a number plate light.




  • Carry One or Two bikes, Single or Double Carrier

    Our straps are fixed to the carrier, loop drops over seat post, secure the bike in seconds.

    If you are not lifting your bikes on then this is a good option.

    • 0 $

    Gives more ground clearance but makes bike harder to load. Most standard height 4WD's are fine for ground clearance.

    Standard straight bar is not supplied.

    Standard Hitch Pin hole is 70mm fits every vehicle except Rangers.

    Ford Ranger with factory tow bar is 55mm.

    95% of vehicles are standard Hitch Lock incl. $0.00

    This is a basic site, happy to quote just email suburb, post code.