Rack N Roll DRAWBAR Kit


Want to carry a bike on your Caravan, Camper, Trailer drawbar ?

This kit makes it easy.

Kit Includes:

Bike Channel

4 x 10mm Mount Plates

8 x M12 8.8 Bolts to assemble

MX Parts as per the MX Carrier :

Nose Cone

Rear Wedge Ass.

2 x Turnbuckles, Snap Hooks, Shackles, Eye Nuts

1 x Ramp Storage Bracket

You need to be able to fix an Eye Nut somewhere both sides of the bike or we can make up something to suit, usually adds $150 for one side.

  • So we can supply the correct length bolts

    • 0 $

    Provides points to secure the foot pegs to or you may have other options available.

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    This is a basic site, happy to quote just email suburb, postcode.