Rack N Roll ALUMINIUM MX Carrier


Rack N Roll ALLOY MX Carrier


This is a high quality product.

Aluminium Bike Channel is Acid Etched before a Chromate dip then Powder Coated.

Steel Parts are Deburred, Sandblasted then Powder Coated.

High Tensile 8.8 Bolts with Nylocs.

5 Year Structural Warranty.

Designed for serious off road use.

For the last 8 years our products have been used all through the Deserts, corrugated roads, The Cape, High Country, you can take this anywhere your vehicle will go.

Aluminium Bike Channel saves 7kg in overall weight.

Alloy version is 25kg incl loading ramp 5kg.

Steel version is 32kg incl loading ramp 5kg.

Only the Bike Channel is Aluminium, all other parts are the same as the Steel MX Carrier.

For bikes up to 165kg.

Carrier is supplied with everything needed :

12mm Snap Hooks, M12 Forged Turnbuckles, Safety Shackles, Loading Ramp, Anti Tilt Bracket with Packer Plates for snug receiver fit, Strap to stop turnbuckles vibrating loose.

Extra Eye Nuts also included so you can also strap off the frame or bikes bars as a back up.

Price includes LED light kit with number plate light plus a place to bolt an accessory plate where it shines, 7 flat plug.

    90% of vehicles are standard length. 

    Tray back Utes, SUV's with spare tyre on rear door.

    See Fitment Advice bottom of page.

    Extra cost factors in increased freight these incur as well as material.

    Gives more ground clearance for extreme off road.

    1250 Ramp is easy to load on a standard height 4WD.

    Standard Hitch Lock fits 90% of vehicles.

    Applies to Ford Ranger Factory tow bar only.

    This is a basic site, happy to quote just email suburb, postcode.




If you’d like more information after you’ve checked out the drawings below please phone or email.


90% of vehicles are STANDARD LENGTH Main Bar.

Dual Cab Utes with a tub, style side and 4WD Wagons with NO spare tyre on rear door are STANDARD LENGTH.

Dual Cab Ute Tub

Tray Back Utes, Wagons with a spare tyre on the rear door, 4×4’s with swing away spare tyres, jerry can holders will need a longer main bar.

On the standard length main bar your bikes inside foot peg is 230mm from the center of the hitch pin hole.

SUV Wagons want 50-100mm between the foot peg and the spare tyre.

Open Tray back Utes want 50-100mm between the foot peg and end of tray.

SUV Wagon with Spare Tyre on Rear Door

Tray back Ute

Tray back Ute with Canopy


If you run a tape out 1250, 1500, 1750 from the top of your tow bar receiver to the ground you’ll see the loading angle.

1250 Ramp – On a standard height 4WD (receiver is 450-500 off the ground) your bike is easy to load.

1500 Ramp – If you have a 2″ lift or your receiver is 550+ off the ground you’ll need this.

1750 Ramp – Higher lifts and bigger tyres will need this.


For 90% of people with 4×4’s the standard height works fine, fire trails, easy access 4WD into camp sites.

If you want to do the Desert, Cape, High Country or any other serious 4×4 then clearance is king.

Also stronger as it’s braced with 4mm Bluescope plate each side of joints.

Lifts are measured center to center.